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The Edge NFL Football Handicapping System


The Edge(c) provides you with a revolutionary method of predicting the scores of professional American Football games. Using genetic algorithm methods, you determine which statistics are most important in determining the outcome of completed games and them evlove schemes which are used to the predict the outcome of future games. Watch this instructional video to learn more...

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Download a free Demo copy of The 2016 Edge NFL Handicapper - Click Here(MS Windows compatible)

The Sports Judge NFL Football Handicapping System


In collboration with "The Sports Judge" - PDSsports.com. software was designed and created for predictions , odds and results for all games for week displayed on a single output screen. This features single click export to Excel and single click to print.

Free demo access to all product features for all games up to the 3rd week of the regular season.

Users are informed of new data and software updates which can be downloaded by a single click.

Adjust point weightings to 28 statistical and situational categories which affect predictions. Weightings are automatically reflected in game predictions when changes are made. A built-in A.I. learning system can be called to analyze past games and determine the most successful statistical point weightings.

Instant evaluation of spread and O/U predictions showing percentage of successful wagers on historical games.

Create, save and load "schemes" containing statistical point weightings or utilize pre-stored schemes.

Automatically test schemes on historical games to determine the best schemes to use for future games.

Have predictions based on the entire current season, the last 3, 6 or 10 weeks of the current season or utilize last year's stats.

Set "point thresholds" for spread and O/U betting. Five years of historical NFL games and stats.

Watch this instructional video to learn more...

Download a free Demo copy of The 2016 Sports Judge NFL Handicapper - Click Here(MS Windows compatible)

Stack_Calc: A most useful desk calculator with "stack" functionality


Stack_Calc combines the features and ease of use of a simple desk calculator with a set of powerful STACK manipulation tools. It's multiple input boxes give you the ability to both perform simple calculations and solve basic arithmetic equations. Using Stack_Calc's command buttons you can PUSH numeric data to its STACK area. Manipulate these stored results using the STACK command buttons then POP these results into future calculations.

Stack_Calc also gives you the power to copy and paste numeric rows or columns from your spreadsheets into its system via Windows clipboard. Once there you can perform multiple sets of calculations, then copy your results or simulated paper tape output back to your spreadsheet or your favorite word processor. Either step through your calculations or set the Stack_Calc to AUTO mode and have the system automatically process all of your data with a single click.

Download a free copy of Stack_Calc - Click Here(MS Windows compatible)

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