Cerebra Software Systems

Aside from my part-time Cerebra Software business, I have recently been upgrading my technical skills to include Web and Mobile Applications at TRIOS College in Toronto. As well as this site, below are some additional examples of my school and business projects.

TRIOS College: Web and Mobile Applications

Sample Website

Website designed for a Travel and Lodging Consulting Company (click here)

Below are some simple Web Apps written in Javascript

Temperature Converter(click here)

Rocket Launch Countdown(click here)

Test your E.S.P. skills with a coin flipper(click here)

E-mail your Musical preferences(click here)

Have the system do some simple mathematical and geometric calculations(click here)

Do some mathematical calculations on a list of numbers(click here)

6 Number Lottery Simulator(click here)

This is a book cover parody created with Adobe Photoshop

James Bomb: Dr. I Don't Know(click here)

Adobe Flash Animation

Lets get some lunch!(click here)

The Sports Judge NFL Football Handicapping System


In collboration with "The Sports Judge" - PDSsports.com. software was designed and created for predictions , odds and results for all games for week displayed on a single output screen. This features single click export to Excel and single click to print.

Free demo access to all product features for all games up to the 3rd week of the regular season.

Users are informed of new data and software updates which can be downloaded by a single click.

Adjust point weightings to 28 statistical and situational categories which affect predictions. Weightings are automatically reflected in game predictions when changes are made. A built-in A.I. learning system can be called to analyze past games and determine the most successful statistical point weightings.

Instant evaluation of spread and O/U predictions showing percentage of successful wagers on historical games.

Create, save and load "schemes" containing statistical point weightings or utilize pre-stored schemes.

Automatically test schemes on historical games to determine the best schemes to use for future games.

Have predictions based on the entire current season, the last 3, 6 or 10 weeks of the current season or utilize last year's stats.

Set "point thresholds" for spread and O/U betting. Three years of historical NFL games and stats.

Download a free Demo copy of The 2016 Sports Judge NFL Handicapper - Click Here(MS Windows compatible)

Ryerson University: Courses in Psychology and Artiticial Intelligence

Psychology as it relates to future Artificial Intelligence(click here)

Specifications for the Critical Thinking Engine(click here)

Presentation Skills and CRM Training and Experience

In order to improve my presentation skills I have recently taken courses in acting, stand-up comedy and improv at The Second City Comedy Training Center and The Toronto Academy of Acting for Film and Television.

Here is a live stand-up set I performed at the "Absolute Comedy" club in Toronto on Feb. 23rd, 2014

"Absolute Comedy" club in Toronto on Oct. 7th, 2015

"Second City" Toronto, June 2016

"120 Diner" Toronto, July 2016

I appear in the official video for "Shot Of Glory" by The Washboard Union - 2016. Watch for the man in the top hat.

I have also trained recently as a teacher of English as a Second Language(ESL) at The Global Tesol College in Toronto

And to hone my already excellent customer relationship management skills, I have trained and worked for several years at the CNE Casino in Toronto as a certified Blackjack dealer.

To contact Cerebra Software Systems, please email us at the address below.

E-mail: info@cerebrasoftware.com

To contact Alan Gelman directly at TRIOS College, please e-mail me at:

E-mail: alan.gelman@trioscollege.com