Cerebra Software Systems

My name is Alan. I created Cerebra Software Systems in April of 2001 with the purpose of producing software of my own design. Since the late 70's I have been designing and building software systems which are used by information analysts performing work related to the Aviation industry. Many of these systems incorporate components which analyze feedback and adjust themselves so that they are able to eventually perform their tasks quicker or more efficiently. For all intents and purposes, they reason and learn.

At our current but rapidly changing level of understanding regarding the nature of various cognitive processes, systems such as these are considered to contain automated or artificial intelligence. This is both remarkable and it is not. Many pieces of software have been built with the ability to learn or reason. As well, intelligence itself is extremely common. Most living organisms seem to exhibit some degree of intellect or instinct.

Over the past few years I have devoted part of my time to studying Cognitive Psychology and learning GUI programming techniques for the various Microsoft Windows(c) PC operating systems. Due to the technological advances of the last several years and various economies of scale, affordable computer hardware and programming tools are now available to individuals like myself which allow them to produce high quality software of their own design for small scale computing machinery. These same technologies and economies allow this software to be distributed to individuals such as yourself at a similar affordable prices.

It is the hope of Cerebra Software Systems that these software tools aid you in your noble quests or at least make your thinking a bit easier and less stressful.

Think Well.

To contact Cerebra Software Systems, please email us at the address below.

E-mail: info@cerebrasoftware.com